Rue Saint-Catherine 17-19, 1000 Brussels, Belgium

NONA opened three months ago in the trendy “Dansaert” neighborhood.

I couldn’t wait too try out their Neapolitan pizzas, which unlike other pizzas in Brussels, are wood fired and made with organic ingredients from Belgian farmers.

While waiting to be seated, I could already hear customers mumbling about how delicious their dish was. It sounded promising!

The menu is (intentionally) short: seven pizzas, three sides. However, there is one for every taste: from the classic “Margherita” pizza to the “Finocchio a la Pinocchio”, a ricotta-base pizza topped with fennel sausage and spinach. I personally went for the “From Dries, with love” – named after its farmer – which ingredients vary according to the seasons. A real delight!

For those who have a sweet tooth, do not hesitate to ask about their “secret” dessert: a scoop of frozen yoghurt made of … bufala!

But why NONA?

Short for “No Name”, because NONA’s philosophy, their way of working, and the name of their suppliers are more important than their name.

Price: €€