A day in Ghent

Recently, I visited the beautiful city of Ghent in Belgium.

I decided not to plan my journey in advance, but rather to get lost in Ghent‘s numerous little streets.

What I directly noticed is that the medieval architecture – which is remarkably well preserved – and the inland waterways both give the city its unique charm.

There are various vintage and design stores in Ghent, and this one specialized in lamps, particularly struck my attention.


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If you are fond of sneakers, I would recommend going to Dope (http://www.dope-gent.be/).

You also might want to go to Twiggy (http://www.twiggy.be/), a three-story  multibrand clothes shop for men and women.

For lunch, I first thought of going to De Superette, but unfortunately it was closed on Mondays. Instead, I went to Romain Roquette (http://romain-roquette.be/), a super trendy salad bar. It was d e l i c i o u s!



Then, I continued my stroll around Ghent and went to the Design Museum (http://www.designmuseumgent.be/). For students, the entrance ticket is only 2 €!

By 4 pm, it was time for a sweet treat and my boyfriend Charles spotted this amazing coffee and bicycle place called Bar Bidon (http://www.barbidon.be/).



We enjoyed a warm cappuccino along with a slice of cheesecake from Tarte de Françoise.

On our way to the Korenmarkt, we stumbled upon this cute superfood bar called True Beans (http://www.truebeans.be/).


We then entered the Post Office, which has been turned into two trendy clothes shops: Sissy-Boy and Men at Work. You will also find plenty of accessories and decorative objects.


At the end of our daytrip in Ghent, we were both surprised by what the city had to offer.

Ghent is definitely becoming trendier, but in the same time, it succeeds very well at keeping its historical monuments  intact.

So, if you haven’t been to Ghent already, I would definitely encourage you to do so!