Norway in a nutshell

The end of my Erasmus exchange ended with an extraordinary 10 day trip throughout the Norwegian fjords.

My godmother flew all away from the US to join me for this one-in-a-lifetime experience; I couldn’t be more grateful!

On the 5th of June, we thus took the plane from Oslo to our first destination.

Stavanger (2 days)

After a 45 min flight, we landed in Stavanger, also known as Norway’s “oil capital”.

There is not much to do in Stavanger, but it is a necessary stop to climb the “Pulpit Rock”.

On this first sunny – and extremely warm – day, we strolled around the city center and the harbor. We then enjoyed a refreshing local beer and an Italian pizza at “Villa 22 Trattoria & Bar” (


Pulpit rock

The next day, we took the ferry and then the bus to the starting point of the “Pulpit Rock”. To be honest, the hike wasn’t that difficult. It took us 3 hours in total (including the stop at the top). However, you must be well equipped, as the path is mainly made of big rocks!

Once arrived at the top, the view of the Lysefjord left me mesmerized! It was totally worth it!


Bergen (3 days)

Bergen was probably the most touristic of all the places we went to.

Hopefully, our hotel “Hotel Park” (, was located outside the old city – where most tourists were.

“Bryggen” and the “Mount Floyen” are musts, but then again there were so many tourists that it took away most of the charm of this cute little city.



On our third day in Bergen, we took a five-hour ferry on the Sognefjord – the longest and deepest fjord in Norway.

The landscapes were straight out of a postcard!


Ålesund (2 days)

When we first arrived in Ålesund, the weather wasn’t as its best. Therefore, I must admit I was – at first – a bit sceptical about the city.

To comfort ourselves, we took a delicious blueberry muffin at “Tante Bruun” while playing Scrabble.

We then had dinner at our hotel “Hotel Brosundet” (, which was by far the best we had eaten during our trip.


Geiranger fjord

The next morning, it is a completely different Ålesund that I discovered under the morning sun. I was literally breathtaken by all the magnificent nature that surrounded the city.

That day, we took the ferry on the Geiranger fjord, which was again totally worth it.

I find it hard to be more precise when describing Norway’s landscapes, but there are simply no appropriate words.


Lofoten Islands (3 days)

The Lofoten Islands, or the place where the sun does not set.

For three days, my godmother and I meandered Lofoten’s dramatic mountains and peaks, its sheltered bays, and its endless white beaches.


Hike to Kvalvika – one of the most scenic beaches in Lofoten


Haukland Beach

Another beach with a turquoise-coloured water, mind-blowing!

Reine and Å

I was looking forward Reine and Å but I ended up very disappointed as I realized the old fishermen houses had been replaced by touristic hotel rooms.

I would thus recommend getting lost in the archipelago, rather than looking for specific places in a travel guide, as you will most certainly stumble upon more authentic and charming spots.