Tommi’s Burger Joint

Høkerboderne 21-23, 1712 Copenhagen, Denmark

While we were wandering around the trendy Meatpacking district in Copenhagen, we stumbled upon Tommi’s Burger Joint, a small – yet authentic – burger restaurant.


The place is ran by four people who easily manage the queue of customers impatient to lay hands on those juicy american-style burgers.

They also serve thick milkshakes, which seemed to be just as popular as their burgers.


The walls are covered with cardboards about the restaurant’s history but also several notes left by seduced and satisfied clients.

Once you are served, you can go to the left counter and choose among four different American mustard sauces or even pickles to add into your burger.


I personally was very happy when I noticed they even served veggie burgers, which turned out to be pure madness!

Price: €€