Grønnegata 60, 9008 Tromsø, Norway

I must admit, it is quite difficult to find a nice place to eat in Tromsø. But then, hopefully, you end up finding “the place to be”.

Mathallen immediately struck my attention by its big windows with a very stylish interior. Generally, the place offers three course menus. But during lunch time, you have the possibility to choose a single dish ranging from 150 KR to 160 KR such as Fish & Chips, a fish burger, a fish soup or even a Norwegian salad.

I went for the fish soup with bread and butter on the side which was beyond d e l i c i o u s: the cream wasn’t too heavy, the fish was extremely fresh and well-cooked, and it was well seasoned.

They also serve a variety of wines and beers.

Price: €€